Creating a Powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot for Camp Sites or RV Parks

Long Range Wi-Fi Solution with an Access Point / Bridge
For the most expansive network requirements, Hawking recommends using multiple HOW17ACM Outdoor Wireless-1750AC Managed Access Point Pros. Since the HOW17ACM is equipped with multiple modes, one of them being "Wireless Distributing System (WDS), you will also be able to use up to 4 HOW17ACM devices together to provide Wi-Fi for a large area. Mount each device outside with the included mounting hardware to guarantee "line of sight" connections and avoid obstacles like other buildings and vegetation. This means you have the flexibility to mount the devices discreetly so your guests experience will not be affected.

Note: The HOW17ACM is PoE enabled and is required so the HPOE2 Gigabit Power Over Ethernet Injector Kit is the perfect addition to this product.

 Create a Secured Wireless Network from a Public hotspot (Interior Solution)

A Wireless Network for Multiple Users and Multiple Devices

The HW2R1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Smart Repeater is a wireless repeater, "smart repeater", that pulls in signal from a distant wireless source and creates a private network for all your devices in your RV and nearby. The HW2R1 is compatible with any wireless device such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and can support up to 254 wireless devices. Combine this with an outdoor antenna and outdoor cable such as the HAO14SDP Hi-Gain 14dBi Outdoor Directional Antenna Kit and outdoor antenna cable for maximum range and flexibility. Use the HAO14SDP's super powered 14dBi antenna to pull in signal, no matter how far the source, and the HW2R1's smart repeater technology to distribute the signal throughout your RV and surroundings. Protect yourself with the built-in router features to configure firewalls and privacy settings.

 Create a Secured Wireless Network from a Public Hotspot (Exterior Solution)

A Outdoor Wireless Network for Multiple users and Multiple devices
Use the HOW2R1 Hi-Gain Outdoor Wireless-N Dual-Radio Smart Repeater to increase your reception distance and provide a powerful secondary network for multiple devices and users. The HOW2R1 is engineered with two Wi-Fi radios, one radio for picking up signals from your wireless source or hotspot and one radio for repeating wireless signals. For added performance, the Outdoor Smart Repeater is designed with three antennas, one built-in antenna is dedicated to receiving wireless signals while the other two 5dBi external antennas are dedicated to rebroadcasting wireless signals throughout your surroundings. The HOW2R1 provides security and functionality via full router features. Connect multiple devices or share your connection with a neighbor, with the HOW2R1 you'll never have to suffer through slow or lagging signal.




 Wireless Connection for a Single User

Increase your Wireless Reception with a Wireless-AC USB Network Adapter
With the increased strength of a 4dBi antenna and Wireless-AC, you will see up to huge increases in coverage range and wireless speeds compared to the usage of a built-in Wi-Fi adapter alone. Not only does the HD65U Hi-Gain Dual Band Wireless-AC Network Adapter support up to 600Mbps, the slim design will allow you to install this on any computer without fuss or clutter.