• Converts a N-Plug connector to a TNC connector.
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Hi-Gain Antenna Accessory: N-Plug to TNC Jumple Cable

The Hawking’s HACNT is a conversion adapter that converts a N-Plug connector to a TNC connector.  It is engineered with high quality cabling to provide minimal performance loss due to cabling.  An ideal solution to connect an access point with TNC connector and a Hi-Gain Outdoor Antenna with N-Plug connector.

The HACNT converts a Outdoor N-Plug to TNC Jumper Cable for Connecting your Outdoor Antenna Kit to Wireless Devices with TNC Connectors (Linksys and Cisco)
*FCC requires that the HSB2 and HSB1 Signal Boosters be used with authorized wireless devices only.  Please contact Hawking for further information on authorized wireless devices for these two products.

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