Hawking Technology WiFi USB Network Adapters support both Windows and Mac desktops/laptops and give your computer greater range and/or higher speeds. We support Wireless 150N and 300N and our Wireless USB Network Adapters can also support Wireless AC, with speeds of AC750, AC1200 and AC1750. We also have high power (500mW) USB WiFi Adapters and USB WiFi Adapters with removable antennas.

Installation is simple. Download and install the software drivers. Once completed, plug the adapter in and wait for the computer to recognize the adapter.  Then choose your WiFi connection.  Connect and you are ready to go.

Wireless AC (WiFi 5): 2.4GHz Wireless 802.11b/g/n is the most commonly used wireless standard. Because of this popularity, interference and lag are common in the 2.4GHz network, especially in areas with a lot of wireless networks. 5GHz Wireless AC (WiFi 5) was designed to get past this interference. Using a different frequency allows 5GHz Wireless AC (WiFi 5) to maintain high speeds and throughput. The trade off of 5GHz Wireless AC (WiFi 5) is the range is reduced when compared to 2.4GHz wireless networks.
Wireless AC (WiFi 5) is built on a Dual-Band standard. Dual-Band Technology provides maximum flexibility allowing selection of the popular 2.4GHz frequency for long range applications or or selection of the faster, less-crowded 5GHz frequency for data intensive applications.

Hawking’s WiFi USB Network Adapters will deliver convenient and consistent WiFi coverage for seamless HD streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities. Use our Wireless Network Adapter for your PC at home, in your office, at the coffee shop, in the backyard, or in the garage. High definition content is readily available in an instant, downloading speed is faster, and streaming movies becomes more enjoyable without annoying buffering and lag. Online gaming because smoother and lag free with the higher bandwidth. Transfer files from one computer to another with increased wireless network speeds, speeds over a gigabit, as fast as standard ethernet!

Our top of the line adapter are the following:

HD65U Wireless AC USB Network Adapter

HW12ACU WiFi AC1200 USB Adapter

HW17ACU WiFi AC1750 USB Adapter

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  • HW17ACU

    • Wi-Fi Speeds up to 1300Mbps (WiFi5)
    • Maximize the Wi-Fi Connectivity of your laptop or Desktop
  • HW12ACU


    • Wi-Fi Speeds up to 900Mbps
    • Upgrade the Wi-Fi Connectivity of your laptop or desktop
    • Slim/small design
  • HD65U

    • Complies with draft IEEE 802.11ac standard and backwards compatible with wireless 802.11a/b/g/n standards
    • Connects your laptop or desktop to a wireless network at up to 433Mbps
    • Increases your overall wireless performance by up to 200%*
    • Works with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
    • Hi-Gain External antenna design, up to 6dBi
    • Plugs into the host USB connector of professional video streaming cameras