• Wi-Fi Speeds up to 900Mbps
  • Upgrade the Wi-Fi Connectivity of your laptop or desktop
  • Slim/small design

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HW12ACU WiFi AC1200 USB Adapter

Upgrade your WiFi with Premium Connectivity & Versatility
Use the HW12ACU Hawking Wireless AC1200 USB Network Adapter to instantly increase the speed of your network via USB port. Make the move to the latest Wireless-1200AC network standard. The small, compact profile of the HW12ACU Wireless AC1200 USB Network Adapter is perfect for discreetly upgrading your laptop or desktop with the blazing fast speeds of Wireless-1200AC. Maximize your networking flexibility, giving yourself greater range and overall performance. The perfect addition for your laptop, the HW12ACU Wireless AC1200 USB Network Adapter is unobtrusive in design but packs a powerful punch, giving speeds up to 6x faster than 802.11n built-in WiFi adapters. The HW12ACU also supports 802.11a/b/g/n backwards compatibility, meaning you can still connect to older routers/repeaters/access points that are not yet on the 802.11ac standard. Stay portable while you are at home or on the go. The HW12ACU Wireless AC1200 USB Network Adapter will deliver convenient and consistent WiFi coverage for seamless HD streaming, gaming and other data-intensive activities.


2.4GHz Wireless 802.11b/g/n is the most commonly used wireless standard. Because of this popularity, interference and lag are common in the 2.4GHz network, especially in areas with a lot of wireless networks. 5GHz Wireless-AC was designed to get past this interference. Using a different frequency allows 5GHz Wireless-AC to maintain high speeds and throughput. The trade off of 5GHz Wireless-AC is the range is reduced when compared to 2.4GHz wireless networks.

Wireless-AC is built on a Dual-Band standard. Dual-Band Technology provides maximum flexibility allowing selection of the popular 2.4GHz frequency for long range applications or selecting of the faster, less-crowded 5.0GHz frequency for data intensive applications.

With HW12ACU Wireless-AC, you have the option to connect to 5.0GHz network for high speed streaming or 2.4GHz for more distanced connection.

Wave-2 Complaint Mu-MIMO
Multi-User, Multiple-input, multiple-output technology allows a supported router to communicate with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart-tvs, computers simultaneously. This should drastically improve your WiFi performance. The HW12ACU will operate faster because all devices on the network have less time to wait to get data from the router, thus reducing lag and buffering when watching video, playing games, etc.

WiFi Multimedia (WMM Wireless QoS)
The HW12ACU supports WMM (WMM Wireless QoS). This means that this feature, when enabled on your supported router, gives priority to voice and video traffic over WiFi. Any WiFi devices that are video messaging or watching streaming video will have higher priority over other internet traffic. This should allow a smoother and clearer video for the user.


System Requirements

  • Windows or Mac 10.5-10.15
  • Minimum 100MB disk space available on your computer
  • An available CD-Rom drive is recommended
  • WiFi Internet Access (i.e. Hotspot, Wireless Access Point, Router)

Standards: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (WiFi5)

Output Power:
11b (11M): 14±1.5dBm, 11g (54M): 12±1.5dBm
11n (20MHz, MCS7):12±1.5dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7):12±1.5dBm
11a (54Mbps): 10±1.5dBm
11n (20MHz, MCS7): 10dBm±1.5dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7): 10dBm±1.5dBm
11ac (80MHz, MCS9): 9dBm±1.5dBm

Receive Sensitivity:
11b: -79±2dBm , 11g(54M) -65±2dBm
11n (20MHz, MCS7): -64±2dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7): -61±2dBm
11a (54M): -65±2dBm , 11n (20MHz, MCS7): -65±2dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7): -61±2dBm
11ac (80MHz, VHTMCS9): -51±2dBm

Max Data Rate:

2.4GHz: 300Mbps
5GHz: 900Mbps

Frequency: 2.4GHz / 5GHz

Antenna: Internal Antennas x2 (2T2R)

Security: WEP 64/128, WPA2 with  IEEE 802.1x functions

Dimensions: 1.4(L) x 0.6(W) x 0.3(D) in (35.6 x 15.2 x 7.62mm)

Hardware: WPS Button, LED Activity, USB 3.0

Features: WMM Wireless QoS, Wave-2 Complaint MU-MIMO

Package Contents:
One Hawking Wireless AC1200 USB Network Adapter
Quick Installation Guide
Setup CD (Contains User’s Manual and Drivers)

How to figure out which version you have:

On the backside of the product there is a label that will determine which version you have. Click on the to see an image. To download a file, select the icon next to the select file.

Serial Number:


  • XP Available
  • Vista Available
  • 7 Available
  • 8 Available
  • 10 Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Not Available
  • 10.6 Not Available
  • 10.7 Not Available
  • 10.8 Not Available
  • 10.9 Available
  • 10.10 Available
  • 10.11 Available
  • 10.12 Available
  • 10.13 Available
  • 10.14 Available
  • 10.15 Available

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