• Complies with draft IEEE 802.11ac standard and backwards compatible with wireless 802.11a/b/g/n standards
  • Connects your laptop or desktop to a wireless network at up to 433Mbps
  • Increases your overall wireless performance by up to 200%*
  • Works with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
  • Hi-Gain External antenna design, up to 6dBi
  • Plugs into the host USB connector of professional video streaming cameras

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Connectivity. Efficiency. Mobility. From checking emails to streaming movies, going online has become an integral part our daily lives. While connecting to the Internet using an Ethernet cable is always an option, wireless connectivity offers the freedom to stay connected without any cables. Conventional wireless connects you to the internet for basic online activities, such as checking emails or surfing the Internet. The HD65U WiFi AC USB Adapter lets you connect at a Wireless AC speeds. High definition content is readily available in an instant, downloading speed is faster, and streaming movies becomes more enjoyable without annoying buffering and lag. The HD65U not only supports the Wireless AC standard, its rotating external Hi-Gain Antenna maximizes your Wi Fi reception and provides a stable high speed connection. Slim USB design ensures that the HD65U can fit in any situation. Certified to work on professional streaming camcorders. Just plug it into the USB host controller on the JVC camcorder and enjoy wireless streaming from the camera to your network.


The HD65U Wireless AC USB Network Adapter is an external WiFi adapter engineered with high performance antenna technology. It is built to improve your wireless reception and provide an uninterrupted wireless connection.


  • Connects your laptop or desktop to a wireless network
  • Complies with draft IEEE 802.11ac standard and backward compatibly with wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Dual Band wireless connectivity for 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS 10.5-10.15
  • Hi-Gain External Antenna: 4dBi (2.4GHz) and 6dBi (5.0GHz) provides high performance long distance wireless connections
  • Supports WMM wireless QoS feature
  • Features a hardware WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button for easy wireless connections



The slim design provides portability to match your laptop or netbook. The rotating hinge feature guarantees compatibility with vertical or horizontal USB ports while still allowing for antenna direction adjustments to obtain the best signal strength.

Use the HD65U Wireless AC USB Network Adapter anywhere that your WiFi device is suffering from weak wireless signal strength. Simply plug the USB adapter into an available port, run the setup and connect to an existing network. Bring your wireless outside, to that far spare bedroom, your upstairs loft, or the cafe downstairs. The options are endless!



Install the HD65U Drivers and Utility (Windows 10 already has the drivers preloaded)

Connect the Network Adapter to your computer

Connect to wireless network



Package Includes
  • One Hi-Gain™ Wireless-AC USB Adapter
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • One Setup CD (includes User Manual & driver for PC) Mac Driver can be downloaded from the Hawking Website
System Requirements
  • Windows XP+ or Mac 10.5-10.15
  • Minimum 100MB disk space available on your computer
  • An available CD-Rom drive is recommended
  • WiFi Internet Access (i.e. Hotspot, Wireless Access Point, Router)
Network Specifications
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (WiFi5)
  • Speed: up to 433mbps
  • Security: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, IEEE802.1X
  • Hardware & Software WPS Configuration
  • Hi-Gain 4dBi (2.4GHz) and 6dBi (5.0GHz)
Output Power (2.4GHz)
  • 11b: 17dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11g: 15dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11n(20MHz): 14dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11n(40MHz): 14dBm±1.5dBm
Output Power (5.0GHz)
  • 11a: 14dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11a (54mbps): 14dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11n(20MHz): 13dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11n(40MHz): 13dBm±1.5dBm
  • 11ac (80MHz, MCS9): 12dBm±1.5dBm
Power USB 2.0 Type A
LED Link/Activity
Dimensions 0.3(H) x 0.8(W) x 7.5(L) in
Weight 0.6oz (18 grams)
Temperature Operating : 32~104°F (0~40°C)
Humidity Operating : Max. 95% (NonCondensing)
Certification FCC, CE
UPC 603992-507207

How to figure out which version you have:

On the backside of the product there is a label that will determine which version you have. Click on the to see an image. To download a file, select the icon next to the select file.


Serial Number:


  • XP Available
  • Vista Available
  • 7 Available
  • 8 Available
  • 10 Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Available
  • 10.6 Available
  • 10.7 Available
  • 10.8 Available
  • 10.9 Available
  • 10.10 Available
  • 10.11 Available
  • 10.12 Available
  • 10.13 Available
  • 10.14 Available
  • 10.15 Available

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