• 2.4 GHz Frequency – Works with popular Wireless Standards
  • Reverse SMA Plug – Compatible with most Access Points/Adapters
  • TNC Adapter is included for Cisco & Linksys Routers
  • A 15dB External Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna – Ensures optimal coverage
  • Supports all network operation systems
  • Setup is quick and simple

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HAO15SIP Hi-Gain Outdoor 15dBi Omni-Directional Antenna Kit

Extend the Distance of your Wireless Devices up to 2 miles*

The HAO15SIP Hi-Gain Outdoor 15dBi Omni-Directional Antenna Kit is a heavy-duty, weather proof, high powered antenna for extending the range of your 802.11b and 802.11g WiFi devices. The power rating of WiFi antennas is measured in terms of decibels (dBi). The HAO15SIP boosts the antenna power of standard antennas from a minimal 2dBi to a staggering 15dBi. This results in extended wireless distances of up to 2 miles.* Whether extending the wireless network from one corporate building to another, or simply from the front house to the back house, the Outdoor Antenna Kits provide wireless users with a high powered solution to extend their wireless network.

The Outdoor Wireless Antenna emits a powerful amplified signal over a 360 degree radius, delivering a strong multidirection signal from an Access Point or a Bridge. If you have multiple locations or buildings where you would like to integrate your wireless network, simply place the HAO15SIP in between the buildings with your Access Point. It is most effective when placed at the top of buildings or in the center of large rooms. The HAO15SIP Outdoor Wifi Antenna also comes with a mounting kit, connectors, and a surge protector.

Installation of the HAO15SIP Outdoor Wireless Antenna is simple and straight forward. It is compatible with most wireless devices (Access Points, Routers, Bridges and Network Adapters) on the market with removable external antennas. The Hawking Outdoor Wifi Antenna comes equipped with N-Type, RP-SMA, RP-TNC connectors to support a wide range of wireless devices. For those devices that use adapters not included in the packaging, please visit the Hawking Technologies website for a selection of specific connectors for your device. Note: An outdoor low loss antenna cable (model number HAC10N, HAC20N, or HAC30N) is required for outdoor installation and must be purchased separately. Depending on your set up, a shorter cable is recommended for minimal signal degradation (cable loss) due to cable length.

System Requirements
One Wireless 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Device with a Removable External Antenna
Connector Type: Reverse SMA or Reverse TNC

*Range Dependent on Network Conditions and Line of Sight. Maximum coverage is only valid in point to point solutions with a HAO15SIP on each end.

Network Specifications:

IEEE 802.11b/g

Electrical Properties

Frequency: 2.4~2.4835 GHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal
Gain: 15dBi
Radiation: Omni-Directional
Polarization: Vertical
E-Plan: 30º

Mechanical Properties

Connector: RP-SMA and N-Plug

Material Properties

Color:White & Silver
Body: Brass & Ni Plating
Pin: Phosphor Bronze Gold
Insulator:Teflon or Delrin
Dimensions: 48 (H) x 1 (r) in (w/out joint)
Weight: 2.2 lbs


1 year

How to figure out which version you have:

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  • XP Not Available
  • Vista Not Available
  • 7 Not Available
  • 8 Not Available
  • 10 Not Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Not Available
  • 10.6 Not Available
  • 10.7 Not Available
  • 10.8 Not Available
  • 10.9 Not Available
  • 10.10 Not Available
  • 10.11 Not Available
  • 10.12 Not Available
  • 10.13 Not Available
  • 10.14 Not Available
  • 10.15 Not Available
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