• USB specifications v1.1 compliant
  • Bus powered design – No additional power adapter required
  • Plug-and-play compatible for easy installation and configuration
  • Data transfer rate up to 56 Kbps download and up to 48 Kbps upload
  • Supports video conferencing
  • Friendly GUI configuration and management software
  • Supports fax function with transfer rate up to 14.4 Kbps
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The Hawking HM92U is a compactly 56K V.92 External USB modem. It uses an advanced chipset solution that provides a complete system design featuring Data/Fax/TAM for 56K dial-up Internet access. Hawking’s HM92U can connect to the Internet Faster than any conventional fax modem at the speed up to 56kbps. In addition, it is integrated with USB interface, allowing greater access to the PC system resources. It is also USB powered, therefore, power consumption is low and an power adapter is not required. The HM92U is fully compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP operating systems. Just insert the provided Software Drivers and Windows will automatically configure it and the modem will install itself.

Data Transfer Rates

  • Up to 56 Kbps download and 48 Kbps upload

Data Mode

  • ITU-T V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32 bis, V.32, V.22 bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 1

Data Compression

  • ITU-T V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32 bis, V.32, V.22 bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 103, ITU-T V.44, V.42 bis/MNP 5

Error Correction

  • ITU-T V.42/MNP 2-4

Fax Transfer Rates

  • Up to 14.4 Kbps send and receive

Fax Mode

  • ITU-T V.17, V.29, V.27 ter, V.21 Ch2, Group 3, Class 1

Media Connector

  • One RJ-11 and one USB

Host Interface

  • USB 1.1 (Type-B Connector)

Power Consumption

  • 0.1W max

Dimension (L x W x H)

  • 105mm x 63mm x 24mm


  • 75g

Support OS

  • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP

EMI Conformance

  • FCC part 15, part 68, CE
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  • XP Available
  • Vista Available
  • 7 Not Available
  • 8 Not Available
  • 10 Not Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Not Available
  • 10.6 Not Available
  • 10.7 Not Available
  • 10.8 Not Available
  • 10.9 Not Available
  • 10.10 Not Available
  • 10.11 Not Available
  • 10.12 Not Available
  • 10.13 Not Available
  • 10.14 Not Available
  • 10.15 Not Available