• Great for sharing Music, Movies and Data Files between your home computers
  • Works great with Airport Extreme and Airport Wireless Cards
  • Ultra Fast Data Transfer speeds and Superior Wireless Range using Hi-Gain AMP Technology

The Hawking HWRGM1A Hi-Gain Wireless-108G MIMO Router with AMP Technology is the perfect solution for sharing a single broadband internet connection between the computers in your home or office. Using state-of-the-art “AMP”lified MIMO wireless technology, Hawking delivers the fastest and furthest possible wireless networking experience. At a blazing 108Mbps, transferring files, audio and even video has never been more enjoyable. Even in large homes and offices, wireless dead-spots are easily eliminated with the Wi-Fi range extending capabilities of the HWRGM1A (Up to 3 times the distance of the Airport Extreme Base Station).* Along with wireless conectivity, the HWRGM1A has 4 wired 100Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting your computers that do not have wireless access.

Installation of the HWRGM1A is very simple. In a matter of a few clicks with your mouse, the new Mac or PC based Setup Wizard will automatically configure your Wireless Router for internet access. The Hawking Hi-Gain wireless MIMO Router also offers the latest in wireless security, ensuring that your files and network are safe from outside intruders.

System Requirements:

  •  Computer (Mac or PC) with 200MHz or faster processor with CD-Rom
  •  Internet Web Browser (Internet Explorer 4.0, Safari, etc…)
  •  802.11b, 802.11g, Airport Card, Airport Extreme Card or wired network adapter with TCP/IP Protocol Installed
  •  Compatible Broadband Internet Service

Network Specifications:

  •  IEEE 802.11b/g
  •  IEEE 802.11e WMM

Data Rate

  •  54/48/36/24/18/12/11/9/6/5.5/2/1 Mbps fallback
  • Turbo Mode (works with 108Mbps capable Hawking wireless network apapters)

Operating Frequency

  •  2.4~2.4835 Ghz


  •  64/128/256-bit WEP Data Encryption, WPA (TKIP with IEEE 802.1x), WPA2 and AES


  •  3x 2dBi Detachable RP-SMA Antennas
  •  Upgradeable to Hi-Gain Hawking Antennas

Transmit Power

  •  18dBm +/- 2dBm

Router Features

  •  NAT/NAPT IP Sharing
  •  Firewall (Anti-DoS, DMZ, Virtual Server)
  •  Port Triggering
  •  VPN Pass Through (IPSec/PPTP)
  •  Remote Configuration (Web-Interface)
  •  Security Logs, System Status, Firmare Upg
  •  PPPoE, Static, PPTP, DHCP WAN Supported
  •  DHCP Server
  •  Quality of Service


  •  32~131°F (0 ~55°C)


  •  Max. 90% (NonCondensing)


  •  FCC , CE, IC
How to figure out which version you have:

On the backside of the product there is a label that will determine which version you have. Click on the to see an image. To download a file, select the icon next to the select file.

Serial Number:


  • XP Not Available
  • Vista Not Available
  • 7 Not Available
  • 8 Not Available
  • 10 Not Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Not Available
  • 10.6 Not Available
  • 10.7 Not Available
  • 10.8 Not Available
  • 10.9 Not Available
  • 10.10 Not Available
  • 10.11 Not Available
  • 10.12 Not Available
  • 10.13 Not Available
  • 10.14 Not Available
  • 10.15 Not Available