Hawking Technology Launches the HOW12ACM, A perfect solution for Point-to-Point connectivity.

08-January-2019 – Irvine-CA

The all-new HOW12ACM is a highly-reliable industrial outdoor Wi-Fi access point designed to extend wireless network coverage in outdoor environments. It provides Long range Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple locations. Ideal for remote point-to-point Offices, Parking Garages Surveillance, Farms, Warehouses, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Marinas & More. HOW12ACM has Multiple Wireless Operating Modes: Access Point, Bridge-client, WDS Bridge, WDS Access Point, Repeater, Extender, and Its Weatherproof, outdoor material withstand the harshest conditions. HOW12ACM is the perfect solution for Point-to-Point connectivity. 

VARs, DMRs, MSPs and system integrators interested in Hawking’s rebate program benefits available through the Distribution Channel are encouraged to email: [email protected]

About Hawking Technologies Inc., Hawking Technology has been a pioneer and innovator in the Wi-Fi networking Industry for the past two decades and works to promote a single premise; provide award-winning devices designed not only to provide super-fast Wi-Fi speeds, but also to provide maximum Wi-Fi extended range!