• Easy to Install and Use
  • Print over the Internet/Intranet
  • No Need for a Dedicated Print Server Computer
  • Two year Warranty

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Connect up to 3 Printers to your wireless LAN with Hawking Technologies HWPS12UG Print Server!

The Hawking HWPS12UG 2 USB + 1 Parallel port 10/100 Wireless Print Server is a powerful and convenient tool to connect your USB and parallel printers to your existing wireless 802.11b or 802.11g network. Through its enhanced functionality, the HWPS12UG can support up to three printers at one time (2 USB + 1 Parallel).

The Hawking HWPS12UG combined with the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) lets you easily connect to any printer and print documents by specifying the print server\’s IP address. With IPP technology, printing over a WAN or the Internet becomes much easier. You can send a print job to a printer in another country just as easily as sending a print job to your home or office printer. IPP eliminates the need for fax communications between offices. Simply print an original document through the HWPS12UG\’s IPP capabilities and send it from one office to another. The print quality from IPP printing is equal to that of a document printed from your local office. With the HWPS12UG, your printers become a fully functional networked print station.



  • 16 MB Print Buffer
  • High Speed Wireless 802.11g and 802.11b compatibility
  • SNMP management
  • SMB configuration
  • Telnet configuration
  • Multiple Server and Multiple Protocol Support!
  • Quick and Easy Configuration!


  • 10/100M RJ-45 x 1 (Auto-MDIX)
  • Supports IEEE 802.11g /b Wireless LAN
  • USB 1.1 x 2 + DB-25 x 1 (Parallel Printer Port)

Network Protocol Support

  • IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, IPP, DHCP, LPR, Raw Printing, Novell NetWare, Windows Sever-Based Printing, and AppleTalk protocols

Network Operation Systems Support

  • Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/NT/XP
  • NetWare 3.x and above
  • Mac OS (Supports Postscript Printers Only)
  • Unix and Linux


  • · 12V DC, 1A Linear Power Adaptor

Operating Environment

  • Temp: 10~40C
  • Humid: 10~90%


  • · FCC Class B
  • · C-Tick
  • · CE
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  • XP Not Available
  • Vista Not Available
  • 7 Not Available
  • 8 Not Available
  • 10 Not Available
  • MAC OS
  • 10.3 Not Available
  • 10.4 Not Available
  • 10.5 Not Available
  • 10.6 Not Available
  • 10.7 Not Available
  • 10.8 Not Available
  • 10.9 Not Available
  • 10.10 Not Available
  • 10.11 Not Available
  • 10.12 Not Available
  • 10.13 Not Available
  • 10.14 Not Available
  • 10.15 Not Available