Hawking Technology WiFi for Hotspots

  WiFi from a Public Hotspot

 Increase your Receiving Strength with a Hi-Gain WiFi USB Network Adapter



Increase your Wi-Fi reception
The Hawking HD65U Hi-Gain Dual band Wireless AC USB Network Adapter has an antenna that boosts wireless reception performance up to 400%. Within minutes of installation, you’ll see improved wireless range for your laptop or desktop computer. Connect to your closest WiFi Public Hotspot with confidence and speed.


HD65U Hi-Gain Dual Band Wireless AC USB Network Adapter

 Extending your Wi-Fi for Multiple Users from a Hotspot


Boost the Receiving Strength to provide coverage for otherwise out-of-range buildings

Using a Hotspot and the Outdoor WiFi AC1300 Access Point/Extender Pro (HOW12ACM), you’ll be able to carry signal from between two points. Use this to connect to a WiFi Hotspot. The distant hotspot will broadcast the signal for the HOW12ACM to pick up and repeat.

The HOW12ACM is built with a weatherproof exterior and is packed with features found only in Hawking Products. The HOW12ACM Outdoor WiFi AC1300 Access Point Extender PoE is a highly-reliable industrial outdoor wireless ac access point designed to extend wireless network coverage in outdoor environments. It supports IEEE 802.11a/n/ac and is backwards compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless network standard. Also, the HOW12ACM Outdoor Wireless AC Access Point provides simultaneous operation in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz range, giving maximum flexibility. All computers and wireless-enabled network devices (including tablets, smartphone, ultrabooks, smart tvs, etc.) can connect to this wireless access point. IEEE 802.11ac wireless connectivity also gives you transfer speeds up to 1300Mbps!


HOW12ACM Outdoor WiFi AC1300 Access Point/Extender Pro

HPOE2 Gigabit Power Over Ethernet Injector Kit