Hawking Technology WiFi for Home

Hawking Technology WiFi Solutions for Home Use

Switch Out a Standard Router with a Wireless AC Router

Upgrade to Faster WiFi speeds (Wireless AC)

Standard routers use only the 2.4GHz band when transmitting a wireless signal. This frequency limits your speeds and are subject to interference and disruptions from other 2.4GHz devices such as neighboring Wireless Routers and even some devices like cordless phones. The Hawking HW9ACM Wireless-AC Router uses Wireless AC Technology to bypass this interference and reach wireless speeds up to 1200Mbps! This provides unsurpassed speeds to boost your wireless performance and deliver solid WiFi Solutions for Home and office users.


HW9ACM Wireless-AC Router

 Add a WiFi Range Extender (Indoor)

Increase the Range of your Indoor WiFi Signal

Sometimes even a router is not powerful enough to get your signal to the desired destination. In this case, Hawking recommends installing a Wireless AC Extender like the HW17ACM. By placing a WiFi range extender within range of the WiFi router, you will pick up and expand the existing signal. Unlike other range extenders, Hawking’s extender supports Wireless AC (WIFi 5) and includes Hi-Gain Antennas to boost its range. The Hawking HW17ACM not only doubles the size of your WiFi network, but also boosts performance up to three times stronger than the leading wireless repeaters/extenders on the market. Combined with a Wireless AC router or access point, these two will be the ultimate WiFi Solutions for Home and Office users.


HW17ACM Wireless AC1750 Access Point / Repeater

 Upgrade your existing WiFi adapter to Wireless AC (WiFi 5)

USB WiFi Network Adapter 
Most computers are equipped with WiFi capabilities but they use a 2.4GHz device built into the computer’s internal parts. By adding a USB WiFi adapter, you are effectively increasing your existing connection speeds by over 1000% and decreasing interference/lag compared to the standard built-in 2.4GHz adapter. The HW17ACU offers speeds up to 1750Mbps and the HW12ACU offers speeds up to 1300Mbps and has a slim design for optimal flexibility. The HD65U offers a stronger antenna and is certified for use on professional streaming camcorders.


HW17ACU WiFi AC1750 USB Adapter

HW12ACU WiFi AC1200 USB Adapter

HD65U WiFi AC USB Adapter

Replace your Existing WiFi Antenna

Boost your WiFi Range and Performance

Looking for wireless range while you already own a WiFi Router or Access Point*? Simply increase the wireless strength by replacing the existing antenna with a Hawking Hi-Gain Antenna. For a general, multiple direction coverage, Hawking recommends Omni-directional Antennas (HAO9SIP). If you have a solution where you want a more focused connection, we recommend our Directional Antenna (HOA12DP). If you want to boost your indoor devices, you can use the HD9DP Hi-Gain Dual-Band Indoor Wireless AC Directional WiFi Antenna Kit.


* Your wireless device must have at least one removable antenna and the antenna connector (N-Type or SMA). Most Hawking wireless devices already come with removable antennas for quick and easy range upgrade. For other wireless brands, please check to see if it has at least one removable antenna. Other type of connectors are available through Hawking Directly or Third Party.

Outdoor Antennas

HOA12DP 12dBi Directional Outdoor WiFi AC Antenna Kit

HAO9SIP Hi-Gain 9dBi 2.4 GHz Outdoor WiFi Antenna Kit

HAC30N Hi-Gain Heavy Duty Outdoor WiFi Antenna Cable

Indoor Antennas

HD9DP Hi-Gain Dual-Band Indoor WiFi AC 9dBi Directional WiFi Antenna Kit